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ISSUE 2017, No. , Article 6, Year of publication: 8, December, 2017
Role and importance of internal audit in going concern


Ljubiša Lukić*

*Republika Srpska Tax Administration




The role and importance of internal audit in business continuity of a company, i.e. its ability to continue as a going concern, is very impor-tant. Internal audit as a factor not only deals with the assessment of internal controls, which is also significant, but also assesses present and forecasts future business risks. It explores in depth how the management applied the assumptions of a going concern in making the financial reports, since the management is required to asses the entity’s ability to continue as a going concern according to ISA1. Also, the effectiveness of the audit function is confirmed by the synergy of internal and external audit activity in the application of International Standard On Auditing 570 (Going Concern). The above is presented through short examples of provision for litigation, the assessment of claims, the impact of non-resident inventories on liquidity, and hence on the going concern.

Keywords: internal audit, risks, going concern.

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1704045L

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