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Procedure of papers reviews

All submitted papers are subjected to reviews. Each paper is reviewed by two reviewers from relevant scientific field. In order to avoid any form of subjectivity,editorial office ensures that the reviewers do not know the author who wrote the paper, nor the author knows the reviewers. In the case that the first reviewer writes a negative review, paper is not sent to second reviewer, but the editor in chief is responsible to inform the author in a written form of reasons for rejecting the paper.
However if the first reviewer writes a positive review, the paper is sent to another reviewer. If the other review is also positive, the paper is accepted and sent to technical process. If the other review is negative, the paper is sent to Editorial Board, which shall decide on further action.
If the reviewers positively review the paper, it is classified in one of the following categories:
Original scientific article (Original scientific paper) is an original scientific work in which are presented  new results of fundamental  or applied research. The article is drawn so that on the basis of information may: reproduce the methodological and computational procedure and on the basis of results with equal accuracy or within the boundary of freedom degree, as pointed by the author, or repeat the author`s observations and judge his analysis, or verify the accuracy of analysis and deduction on which the author`s findings are based.
Preliminary report (Preliminary communication) is a scientific paper which must include one or more scientific informations, but without sufficient detail to enable the readers to check the presented scientific findings.
Conference presentation (Conference paper) represents entire article that was previously presented on scientific conference, but it was not published as a complete article in the Proceedings of scientific conference.
Review article (Review paper) presents a particular problem already published in a scientific paper, but approached in a new way.
Professional article (Professional paper) contains useful contributions from the profession and for the profession.
After receiving the reviews, Editorial Board analyzes them. In the case that reviewers differently categorize the paper, it is sent to Editorial Board which is responsible to make decision on categorization of paper. If necessary, the paper is returned to the  author who is obliged to accept suggestions and comments of reviewers. However in cases when there is no question of quality and authenticity of the paper, Editorial Board can make corrections. Only articles that are classified in one of the mentioned categories and have two positive reviews are published.