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Financing – scientific journal for economy

No: 3/2018

Year of publication: 9
September, 2018.

Article 1

Improvement of VAT administration process in the function of reducing tax evasion

Dinka Antić, PhD*

*Head of the Macroeconomic Analysis Department of the ITA Board of Directors

Article 2

Ethics and integrity in the context of internal control system – a noble idea or the key of successful corporate governance

Author: Tamara Stojanović, PhD*

*PhD Assistant Professor, University in Banja Luka, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Finance and Accountancy

Article 3

Big Data and its usage in modern business

Author: Ljubiša Mićić, MBA*

*MBA Senior Assistant, University of Banja Luka, The Faculty of Economics, Department for Quantitative Analysis and Informatics

Article 4

The Republic of Srpska Macroecnomic indicators

Author: Saša Stevanović*

*The Republic of Srpska Fiscal Council Board Member

Article 5

Basic characteristics of public-private partnership with a brief analysis of the situation in the Republic of Srpska

Author: Stefan Blagojević*

*IV year student of the Faculty of Law, Union University Belgrade

Article 6

Synergy of marketing and accounting in light of BSC models of small business valuation

Authors: Srđan M. Lalić, PhD* Dejan M. Tešić, MBA**

*PhD Assistant Professor, University of East Sarajevo,  Faculty of Business Economics Bijeljina, Department for Accountancy
*MBA Senior Assistant, University of East Sarajevo,  Faculty of Economics Brčko, Department for Marketing