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ISSUE 2022, No. 4, Article 4, Year of publication: 13, December, 2022
Analysis of the Level of Application of Marketing Metrics in Distribution Companies in Montenegro


Milorad Jovović, PhD*
Nikola Mišnić, MSc**
Marko Ražnatović***

*PhD Associate Professor, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics, Department for Business Economics and Management, **Teaching Assistant, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics, Department for Business Economics and Management, ***KGC, Tivat



Marketing metrics as measuring instruments based on statistical and mathematical methods enable a significant improvement in the quality of analyzes required for making marketing decisions. The research, the results of which we publish in this paper, made it possible to determine the degree of application of marketing metrics in distribution companies in Montenegro, as well as the perceived level of benefit of their application. We obtained the empirical data by surveying marketing decision-makers in a representative sample of fastmoving consumer goods distribution companies in Montenegro. The research showed that marketing metrics are used to a significant extent in all of the analyzed companies, which currently use 93 different metrics in total. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement in the current practice of using marketing metrics, especially if companies are willing to approve larger budgets for research and analysis required to obtain the necessary information. In this sense, larger use of marketing metrics would help, and so would the greater inclusion in covering the research costs by production companies whose products are being distributed. Marketing decision-makers rated most of the metrics as very or extremely useful, which could also foster an increase in their use in the future. We believe that this research gives managers of distribution companies a good insight into different modalities of applying marketing metrics in this sector, while at the same time pointing out possibilities and ways of improving it.

Keywords: Marketing metrics, Distribution companies, Marketing channels, Marketing in Montenegro

DOI: 10.7251/FIN2204043J

Corresponding author: