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ISSUE 2017, No. 3, Article 8, Year of publication: 8, September, 2017
Characteristics of investment projects


Dijana Jovanić*




In order to realistically view the investment process and evaluate validity of the investment project, is necessary to identify and analyze the effects of the exploitation of certain investments. This study will try to point out the importance of recognizing the main characteristics of the investment projects in making decisions about the choice of investment projects. Common, main features of investment projects are primarily related to financial aspects of investments. Given the complexity of investment activities, material significance, time dis-tance, limited resources, risks and uncertainties, and other factors of influence, there is a need of management of investment projects. The aim of this work is to, analyzing characteristics such as long-term nature of investment projects, time gap, ie, the interval between investment and realization the effects of investment, interdependence of investment and financing, as well as risk and uncertainty, point out a significance of identifying the main characteristics of the investment project in the process of making investment decision.

Keywords: investment project, risk, uncertainty

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1703053J

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