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ISSUE 2017, No. 3, Article 7, Year of publication: 8, September, 2017
Comparative Analysis of HRIS and ERP Modules in Human Resources Management Support


Helena Lajšić, MSc*

*National and University Library of the Republic of Srpska



As the response to the needs of organisations of all sizes to redefine their business processes, HRIS (Humasn Resources Information Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software packages were developed to integrate and process information based on monitoring the business processes within an organisation. There is no IT or type of information system without contribution to human re sources management. In one domain, some systems do this in a good and productive way, whereas in another system their performance is not so impressive. On the other hand, some systems yield totally opposite benefit and influence. The best measure of the information capital availability in human resources management is the level of development of online transaction processing systems, either an ERP system module or HRIS. The role and significance of HRIS will be increasing constantly, while a large number of supreme software from HR management domain is within HRIS class. ERP systems as standard, complex, programme packages have been developed to meet business requirements of organisations as a whole; as such, they incorporate the experience and skills from organisations and previ-ous users of ERP solutions. ERP systems consist of modules which represent standard processes within organisations such as financial modules, human resources modules and logistic modules. This paper deals with modern HRIS and ERP solutions using personal experience and opportunities to use some of HRIS and ERP solutions which are present in the market today although it must be pointed out that every software company is developing their own systems, which can be significantly different from other companies’ solutions. However, the essence and ultimate goal are the same. Some of the requirements for successful human resources management (HRM) and performances are provided by managing the organisation’s information systems (data, information and know-how). The system that is the subject of this scientific work can be divided into two segments. On one hand, there is the SAP system, the most famous ERP, and Peoplesoft, on the other hand, there are from„HR.Pro“ and MIS4.HRM solution, which is developed in our region. Although it seems at first sight that they cannot compete with large software, it can be comparable regarding functionality. The closest attention in this analysis is paid to testing the functionality of those products.

Keywords: HRIS, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud technologies, information systems, control information systems, SHRM software

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1703045L

Corresponding author: