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ISSUE 2017, No. 3, Article 5, Year of publication: 8, September, 2017
Econophysics – one of the faces of modern economy


Božana Bojić*

*Master of Economics, Certified Actuary, Certified Appraiser, Court Expert in Economics, Certified Forensic Accountant



Economics as a social science changed with time and used the knowledge of other sciences to resolve economic problems. Complex-ity of economic processes demands new ideas and new methods for solving current economic problems. The historical development of economics is visible through various economic theories that were once even contradictory. Accelerated development of the overall society has led to unexpected ideas and synergies in economics. Thanks to the globalisation and technological development, economic events become very complex and difficult to predict which is why modern economics apart from mathematics and statistics also uses physics in order to make economic predictions. The scientific discipline called econophysics emerged as a result of the synergy between economics and physics in the 1990s.

Keywords: economics, physics, econophysics, globalisation, economic predictions.

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1703033B

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