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ISSUE 2017, No. 3, Article 1, Year of publication: 8, September, 2017
ROE of non-financial companies listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange: basic components and trends


George W. Kester, PhD*; Goran Radivojac, PhD*
*Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia Williams School of Commerce, Economics and Politics, Mamie Fox Twyman Martel Professor, Department of Business Administration
**PhD Associate Professor, University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Economics, Department for Accounting and Business Finance



AbstractIn our research project and paper, we propose to evaluate the profitability of non-financial companies listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange using the ROE – DuPont framework of analysis. The DuPont framework breaks down a company’s return on equity into its components which is quite useful for evaluating changes in a company’s profitability over time and comparing its profitability with other companies.
Keywords: ROE, non-financial companies, Banja Luka Stock Exchange, profitability

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1703005K

Corresponding author: