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ISSUE 2020, No. 2, Article 4, Year of publication: 11, June, 2020

Justification of the travel certificate and its importance in the formation of a lump sum price in the contract for travel in the Republic of Serbia


Stefan Blagojević*

*MBA University of Beograd, Faculty of Law 



A travel certificate with a contract for travel is, on the one hand, intended to serve as proof that the contract for travel has been concluded, and on the other hand, as a document where the traveler learns his/her rights, obligations and responsibilities, thus being provided with an adequate protection. Moreover, the travel certificate indicates the minimum number of travelers which must be gathered before the start of the travel, which plays a key role in determination of the total (lump sum) price of the travel, it being the basis for its formation. Prior to the enactment of the Law on Consumer Protection, a contract for travel was a contract which required no special form, whereby the travel certificate actually served its intended purpose. However, with the entry into force of the said law, the principle of informality has been deviated from, and special formal requirements for the conclusion of a contract have been prescribed, which made the travel certificate a superfluous institute. However, despite this, the issuance of a travel certificate, which is exclusively provided by the Law on Contractual Relations, still exists not only as an outdated and obsolete institution, but also as an requirement of the travel organizers, the fulfillment of which may question the legal validity and legal effect of the contract for travel.

Keywords: travel certificate, contract for travel, minimum number of travelers, lump-sum price, Law on Consumer Protection, Law on Contractual Relations

DOI: 10.7251/FIN2002047B

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