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ISSUE 2018, No. 2, Article 2, Year of publication: 9, June, 2018
Analysis of the dynamics of the debt sustainability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region


Milenko Krajišnik, PhD*; Saša Stevanović**

*President of the Fiscal Council of Republika Srpska
*Member of the Fiscal Council of Republika Srpska



Public debts have a significant impact on economic, social and political developments in society. Over the past years, there has been a trend in the growth of public debt in our country, the region and the world. Challenges in their management have been raised, the question of their sustainability is open, controversy is being made whether the trend of debt growth can be stoped or should be adapted. Domestic policy-makers and policy makers are increasingly confined to the current state of affairs as well as to future public debt developments when developing strategies and development policies. Public debt investors are increasingly interested in the future movement of public debt. With this work we will try to popularize this issue, point out the practices of debt sustainability analysis, present the dynamics of public debt of the countries in the region, key indicators for analyzing the sustainability of public debt and the state debt with projections in his movement in the future for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Keywords: public debt, dynamics and sustainability of public debt, risk indicators, intertemporal solvency.

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1802013K

Corresponding author: