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ISSUE 2018, No. 1, Article 6, Year of publication: 9, March, 2018
Thermal baths tourism management in the Republic of Srpska on the example of Banja Vrućica


Dragana Travar, MSc*

*Doctoral student at the Singidunum University



The current process of globalization, complexity, dynamism and changeability is a challenge for all business systems and the basis of modern business conditions to which organizations must adapt. This problem is present both in market-developed economies and in transition economies, such as the economy of the Republic of Srpska. In the sphere of thermal baths tourism, today, great attention is paid to the problem of the company’s readiness to change, both from the practical and from the research point of view. The reasons should be sought in the fact that the modern age is characterized by new technologies, modern methods and techniques of organization and management of enterprises, modernized services in accordance with European standards and requirements of tourists in the field of thermal spa tourism. Thermal baths tourism management in the world of modern tourism is very complex and involves the introduction of a range of contents and activities that, along with traditional treatment, would meet the needs of a modern tourist. In doing so, it is necessary to take into account the sustainable development, i.e. the balance between the usage and the sustainability of thermal baths resources. Therefore, successful management of thermal baths tourism requires strategic planning with clearly defined, realistic and measurable goals, as well as the rational disposal of natural, human and financial resources. On the example of Banja Vrućica, it can be seen that by efficient management of thermal baths resources, the level of thermal baths tourism in the Republic of Srpska can be improved and become a significant segment of economic development.

Keywords: thermal baths tourism, management, development, mineral and thermal waters, Banja Vrućica

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1801045T

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