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ISSUE 2019, No. 1, Article 4, Year of publication: 10, March, 2019
Regional Energy Policy and Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources with a Focus on the Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska


Blagoje Šupić*; Koraljka Kovačević Markov**

*Mixed Holding Power Utility of Republic of Srpska
**Mixed Holding Power Utility of Republic of Srpska



The Regional Energy Development Strategy lacks a coordinated approach to the developm ent of large energy sources strategy, which in practice actually implies the promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) and commercial approach. Therefore, the emphasis of the regional strategy is given on the promotion of RES, however, in addition to supporting investors for RES construction through redemption prices (there is no risk), and using new technologies with a minimum number of new workplaces, while on the other hand there are limitations because a stable structure of basic sources is needed (e.g. wind − non-managable source) and a high quality transmission network. The World Energy Council (WEC) is a global non-governmental organization composed of the national committees of the member states and the main international organizations in the fi eld of energy; their standpoint is that the signatories to the South East Europe Energy Community Agreement have accepted the obligation to create a common energy market and that it is logical that there is a regional strategy for energy development and as an outcome of that strategy the harmonized national strategies of the signatories arise, instead of creating a regional strategy as a sum of national ones. It is important that the opening of the energy market is gradual and followed by a set of protection measures, while the stakeholders should decide on the approach and the possibilities for establishing regional market. It is necessary to choose optimal solutions, the priority tasks of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske are related to new investments and the promotion of renewable energy sources in accordance with the Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Srpska by 2030, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

Keywords: energy policy, renewable energy sources, electricity market, Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1901057M

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