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ISSUE 2019, No. 4, Article 1, Year of publication: 10, December, 2019

Professional accountant profile − the gap between expectations and opportunities


Mirjana M. Todorović, PhD*

*PhD, Associate Professor, University of Kragujevac, The Faculty of Economics, Department for Management Accounting and Accounting Information Systems



The relevant accounting literature over the last ten years indicates the need for an accountant with new, current and applicable knowl-edge and skills on the one hand and a dispersion of the tasks and roles of accountants over traditionally accepted, on the other hand. The main objective of this study is to identify the attitudes of accountants on their existing and potential roles and tasks. The study was conducted on a sample of 26 medium and large enterprises in Kragujevac. Persons employed in the department of accounting and finance were interviewed. This study identified a gap between the expectations presented in the form of the new roles of accountants and the real possibilities of the accounting profession, presented by the accountants’ perceptions of their roles. The results show that professional accountants are recognized as their core roles, the role external reporting, performance measurement and internal reporting for company management. On the other hand, they rate lower the role of public interest protector, but also the role of business analyst, internal consultant and strategy creator. Accountants’ perceptions of their existing and potential roles is conditioned by the numerous external and internal factors, which fundamentally address the questions of the status and treatment of the accounting profession in the Republic of Serbia. It is obvious that the expectations of the accountants are rising, but creation of the conditions for their achievement is not the sole responsibility of accountants.

Keywords: professional accountant, new roles, new knowledge, reporting, public interest

DOI: 10.7251/FIN1904003T

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