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ISSUE 2018, No. 1, Article 3, Year of publication: 9, March, 2018
Digital platform of marketing concept of business banks of the Republic of Srpska


Zvjezdana Gavrilović, PhD*

*PhD Assistant Professor, University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Business Economics, Department of Marketing



The size of the banking capital in the global market, the unscrupulous competition makes bank marketing a key factor of survival, achieved by customer satisfaction, as only a satisfied client guarantees profit. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to monitor the contemporary trends of banking development that implies the application of modern information and communication technology. This work is concerned with the research of the correlation between digitization and the marketing mix instruments of commercial banks whose coherence is achieved by the stated objectives of commercial banks. The main goal of the conducted research was to determine how digitalization supports the implementation of the marketing concept of commercial banks in the Republic of Srpska. A correlation analysis method was used to examine the correlation between certain phenomena or variables. This method is a bivariate correlation analysis, using the Spirman coefficient of correlation (r). The study was carried out in statistical data processing software “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” (SPSS IBM 21). The research concluded that the essence of marketing concepts of commercial banks was not changed by the digitization process, which was confirmed on the basis of statistical analysis and obtained results, which concluded that there is a statistically significant link between the process of digitization and the marketing concept of commercial banks.

Keywords: digitalization, marketing concept, marketing mix instruments

DOI: DOI: 10.7251/FIN1801025G

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